About Us

Aim San Diego is a non-profit Christian discipleship ministry.

Mission: To teach youth how to understand, be transformed by, and communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ through verbal communication and the arts of mime and acting.

Vision: For discipled young people to go and reach out into their churches, communities, and around the world with biblical values and a heart for discipleship.

Understand: Our primary objective is that each member would understand the gospel of Jesus Christ. We do that in our practices through student-led bible studies and leaders teaching and debriefing with members after each practice and outreach

Transformed: As the members start to understand the gospel, we want them to be transformed by it in their daily lives. Two ways we practically do this is through our support partners that meet weekly outside of practice to challenge each other and through our prayer groups at practice to encourage each other in prayer

Communicate: Finally, we send our disciples out into the world to boldly proclaim the message of Jesus Christ. We use mime and drama to make the gospel come alive on stage and clearly verbalise and articulate the core message of the gospel and ask people to respond to the call so that they might understand and be transformed by the gospel as well.

If you would like to participate in the mission and vision of Aim San Diego, here is how;

-Prayer support: The only way we are able to do this ministry effectively is for God to be working through us and to be at work in people’s hearts, and we ask you to join in that prayer with us. Sign up to our news letter to be updated on how you can pray for us.

-Booking an Outreach: If you have a place Aim can share the Gospel, help us come to where you are serving! We do not charge to present our mimes. We offer it freely so that money would never be an obstacle to someone’s opportunity to hear the Gospel.

-Serving with Aim. If you are administratively gifted, or have a child age 12-17 that would like to join, let us know and we would love to plug you in.

-Finally, through financial giving. In addition to the regular costs of the ministry, we hope to take future missions trips as well as host leadership conferences and more in-depth training camps to further equip other discipleship ministries.