About Us

Aim San Diego is a non-profit Christian discipleship ministry that equips young people to be leaders in their churches, schools, and communities.

Our goal is to be a family that trains young people to follow Christ.


In 2003, Aim San Diego, originally called AIM 4 Faith, was formed under the church umbrella of Faith Community Four Square Church. We had been apart of SDYIA (San Diego Youth In Action) for 4 years and the time had come for us to multiply as we were over 30 members and growing. This branch allowed for more members to join and to allow non-homeschoolers to join. A few years later, we changed our name to AIM (ACTION Impact Ministries) San Diego West. AIM SD West was apart of a national ministry called AIM Around the World. Just this past year, AIM Around the World has launched the teams under it’s wings into their own ministries in their respective areas. This includes

Aim San Diego (No West anymore; Aim is no longer an acronym)

DRAMA Ministries (dramateam.org)

AIM Cheyenne (aimcheyenne.org)

As Aim San Diego looks to the future, we hope to bring the gospel message of love and grace to San Diego through discipleship.