Aim Mime for a Day Workshop Update

Saturday, February 28th, was our mime for a day workshop. We had a great turnout! Twenty students showed up. The day was full of many activities.

Rosemarie came and taught mime technique for almost 2 hours. The kids seemed to enjoy what she taught. Many of them continued to practice the things she had taught throughout the rest of the day. It was wonderful to see so many enthusiastic students!

IMG_3297 IMG_3307 IMG_3309 IMG_3304

Throughout the day, we showed the kids what it was like to be part of Aim. We cleaned the outside church grounds, studied the Bible, and fellowshipped together. They also got to see the drama/mime side of Aim.

IMG_3334 IMG_3331 IMG_0018

The students learned a few mime songs throughout the day and were then able to present them to their parents after our large family dinner. There was a wonderful turnout for this as well. The parents got to come and see what their children learned.

)AimWorkshop-2015-02-28-580 AimWorkshop-2015-02-28-568 AimWorkshop-2015-02-28-565 AimWorkshop-2015-02-28-561 AimWorkshop-2015-02-28-562AimWorkshop-2015-02-28-573AimWorkshop-2015-02-28-575

We hoped that everyone was touched, and that God continues to work in the kids and their families. It would be wonderful to see some of them join the team. We will see what God has in store- because whatever it is, it will be absolutely amazing. 🙂

IMG_0017 IMG_0030


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