Internship – Arrowhead

Hello all!

I have gotten to enjoy my 1st week interning with DRAMA. My time with DRAMA has been spent thus fare at a camp called Arrowhead Bible Camp. This camp is exclusively for special needs campers, young and old. Because there is a great need for staff to work in small numbers with the campers, different ministries will come in to help with dishes, food prep and bathroom clean up. My job has been with bathrooms 3 times a day with 3 other members. Nothing like loving people by cleaning urinals.

After my choir trip, I was exhausted, so we did not start the curriculum for the internship until today. The curriculum works through the book of Mathew in about 13 sessions. I will be interning with 2 others, Lucy and Michael. Michael has been here sense February, so he is almost done with the curriculum. Lucy just got here Monday and will only be staying a month, so we will be going through the curriculum together very quickly! Most of our sessions will be every other day.

I got sick Friday due to odd sleeping habits and body exhaustion but am drinking lots of water and feeling much better. Please continue to pray for health.

I would love your prayer for the AIM San Diego mime team. As I am gone, the leaders have stepped up and taken a task with disciplining the members while I am gone. I was greatly encouraged when I listened to a recording of the last bible study given at practice. This was the leaders 4th time leading a bible study with the team and lead so Fearless, with the confidence of a veteran. There is a presentation for a graduation on Friday, so please pray for the Gospel to go out and be received.

While I am here, I hope to grow in my leadership skills and grow my heart closer to God. I hope to also bless the DRAMA team with new skits and mimes, as well as invest into some of the leaders they have here. Please pray for Gods will to be done with these goals.

Thank you all for your continued prayers! Blog

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