Internship – Eder 1 Update

Thank you all for your prayers, God is doing great things here at Camp Eder. I had asked you in previous updates to be praying for God to open up conversations, and He is doing just that. Wednesday night I was able to have a conversation with a young girl I had met a year ago here. She showed me the realities of how she is struggling with her faith and opened the places she needed healing. I was able to pray for her there, but that conversation stayed with me. The topics this fare had been “Jesus is God with us”, “Jesus is Friend”, “Jesus is teacher” and Thursday was “Jesus is healer”. As the D.R.A.M.A. Ministry team was getting
ready for the chapel service, we recognized that we needed to get real with each other if we wanted the campers to be real with us. In order to be healed, we had to call out what was broken, whether that was the messed up stuff we have done or the messed up stuff done to us. That turned into a hour long testimony time of where we were broken and how God had healed us.

During the chapel time, God moved powerfully to speak to the campers about real problems that we all face. After Drama had shared, the pastor came up and just moved into a time of prayer ministry where campers came up and shared where they were broken. From cussing to cutting, from pride to porn, we became open. The 2 passages that camp up during chapel where James 5 where it tells us to confess our sins to one another and 1 John 1 where it talks about us confessing our sins and having fellowship with one another and God. After the pastor had finished, campers stayed back to pray and encourage each other. Praise God!

God keeps showing me how deep his Love Story is for me and how far His love goes. As we finish out this week, please be praying for;
1. Continued health
2. Campers to continue with the relationships that are building here and to hold each other accountable when they get home.
3. Spiritual attacks that will come from all the things that God is doing.
4. That my relationship with the other DRAMA team members can grow.

Thank you all for praying, Soli Deo Gloria!Eder 1 update

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