Internship – Eder 2

Hello from PA! 

Wanted too give you a fast update with what little time I have. 1st of all, the bus I had asked prayer for got fixed and Tim and his Dad made it back from Nebraska safely. Also, I am feeling much better health wise. 

Last week’s camp went relatively well. The gospel was shared, our larger then normal team was unified, the team members grew and God was glorified. I had alot of fun putting my energy into the 4 leaders and watching them learn how to lead without their normal leader, Tim. Praise God that we had some of the kids come to know Christ for the 1st time!

As for this week, I have been made a director as well. we have made our large group into 2 to allow us to work on different projects. My group is running a mini DRAMA camp where we get to teach a group how to mime and share the gospel through acting. Having said that, here are some of the prayer requests
1. That would continually be filling me as I teach and pour into others. I want my heart to be molded to where God is so that I can glorify Him by leading others through my example.
2. Health for the team. 19 people in close proximity make germs want to move in.
3. For unity among the team. Each week of camp is a new group with new leaders and new things that God is doing, so unity is impotent for us to move forward together. “By this all men will know that you are My (Jesus) disciples, if you love one another.
4. For the campers to respond to the gospel.
5. For the leaders I will be teaching, Amy and Jaybin. This is their 1st time leading, and the group is made up of members who have all lead before. We talked tonight about them stepping up and taking what God has given them and using it as a time to grow. I am excited I get to teach these 2 this week, so pray for me as well as I lead them into new ground. 

I can’t tell you enough how excited I am to be discipling and teaching my team here. This is my last full week at 22 years of age, and I would not have it any other way the to be here. Thank you all for your support. Feel free to message me if you have any questions! Blessings.

Eder 2

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