Internship – Scottsbluff

Hello all!

I understand I have not updated you all in 2 weeks, and that has to do with our trip to Nebraska. Tim’s sister lives in Scottsbluff Nebraska and I tagged along with his family and a few others on their vacation. Tim and I used part of the time to finish the reading part of the book of Mathew, so praise God that is done! I have 2 papers to finish to be done with the curriculum, so you can keep that in prayer.

Last Thursday, the bus we had taken on the long trip blow a hose. Because it was the 4th of July on Friday, we could not take it anywhere. We spent all day Friday fixing the hose, changing the starter and charging the battery, but we could not get it to start. Saturday morning, because we had a camp to get to, and the other intern had a plans to get to in PA in 30 hours, we drove a 25 hour trip in 27 hours to make the flight. As for the camp, we sent 13 people up ahead of us to get things moving there. I drove half of the trip, so by this point I was exhausted. yesterday, the 7th, I got sick and my body started turning on me to get some rest. I still had 4 other people to get to get to the camp to join the others, so we made the trek this morning for another 4 hours of driving. Praise God we all made it and that we are all moving under Gods power.

All that to say, here are some prayer requests;
1. For the bus to get fixed soon and for Tim and his dad to make it back safely from Nebraska.
2. As we are without Tim this week, I am a co director with the other intern, Micky. Pray that we would get organized and lead well.
3. Unity for the camp team. We have a large team at 18 people. Also, we added 5 people part way through the week, so personalities are starting to rub.
4. My health as I am not 100% yet. God is good and I was able to nap a bit. I will be pushing myself this week to lead and not get sicker.

I hope to keep you updated again by the end of the week. Thank you all for your continued support and prayers!


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