Interested in joining Aim San Diego?
Here are a few things you should consider:
Commitment. The first thing one needs to consider before joining Aim is commitment. Discipleship requires commitment.  To help the families commit, we have sessions so that you can join for one session (about 13 weeks) without feeling like you have signed your life away. The Aim team asks a person for full commitment before they join the team  for a session.
Discipleship. At Aim, we are a family. We need to trust one another and be open about our struggles and be willing to be held accountable. We are a team that is discipleship-centered. When someone joins Aim, they need to be willing to be discipled in all areas of their life.
When looking at qualifications for joining Aim, we do not hold tryouts or handpick the best of the best; rather we take you wherever you are and offer you to become more than you are now. We are willing to let anyone join who is able to commit.
We currently practice from 4:30pm-8:00pm at San Diego Grace Brethren church located on 3455 Atlas Street, San Diego, CA, 92111.
Click HERE to see our Commitment Document. 
Thank you for your interest in Aim San Diego!
1 Timothy 4:12
A family that trains young people to follow Christ.”
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