Mime Walkathon

This event was such a hit last year that we’ve brought it back! But with some improvements – this year supporters are welcome to attend in-person! We will still be live-streaming the event as well, which you can tune into on Facebook Live by following this link: https://fb.me/e/WNDB0r7

What am I talking about? If you don’t know, Aim San Diego’s fundraiser this year will be a walkathon – but with a twist, because we’re mimes. 😉 The entire walk will be stationary. Our team will mime-walk in place for an entire hour (or more) to help raise the funds we need for our annual operations. If that sounds boring to watch – just wait, there’s more! During the walkathon, you can donate to make the team do different things or have different things happen to them! See the full list of donation incentives below.

What kind of things do the funds raised go towards?

The money raised from this events helps us pay for 2 categories of expenses:

  • Our ongoing admin/operational costs: insurance, IRS filing fees, website hosting, prop replacements, face-paint refills, updating sound equipment, promotional supplies (flyers, postcards, etc.) and event supplies (paper, folders, plates, cups, snacks, etc.)
  • Our special event costs:
    • Hosting or traveling to our annual/national Discipleship Conference in cooperation with other discipleship-minded ministries around the country.
    • Traveling to Kansas for Mime Camp for mime technique training and the encouragement of making friends with teens from around the country who are weird mimes just like us. 🙂
    • Traveling for our expanding summer ministry that includes helping with VBS in places like the Eastern Sierras!
    • Hopefully taking a mission trip to Mexico in the not-so-distant future

How are we collecting donations?

During the event, in-person attendees can go to the donation table and pledge a donation throughout the event. These will be recorded, and at the end of the event donors can can pay their total either in cash, by check, or via Paypal.

We will also have someone monitoring the live-stream where online attendees can comment on the video with their pledges. These will also be recorded throughout the event, and online donors can either pay instantly via Paypal or Facebook, or they can pay their total donations at the end of the event via the same means. If you need help calculating your total, just reach out to the online moderator or to those managing the donation table.

A link to our Paypal will be shared during the event, and can also be found anytime at aimsandiego.org/give

Here are the fine details:

This event is being held at Grace Brethren Church – 3455 Atlas St. San Diego, CA, @6pm on October 24th.

Our goal is to raise $3,000. This comes out to about $150 per current member.

Throughout the event, you donate to do the following:

  • $5 for the mimes to give a shout out to someone specific
  • $10 to pick the next song from the Aim playlist (till next person donates, minimum 1 minute)
  • $10 for the mimes to change their formation. Any shape, row, or placement till something else changes it.
  • $10 for the mimes to do a special walk for 1 minute (the default walk is called the pressure walk)
    – Options: Inverted pressure walk, profile walk, inverted profile walk, character walk
  • $15 to ask the mimes a question
  • $20 to have the mimes “stroll mime” while walking – stroll miming is the classic street corner mime illusions such as being trapped in a box, tug of war, blowing a balloon and many more fun, creative activities.

As we reach certain donation milestones, we will also have the team do the following:

$500Mimes get a prop for the rest of the night
$750Mimes do the go run for 1 minute
$1000Mimes sign chorus of Orphans of God
$1500Mime perform In the Light (While mime walking)
$2000Mimes perform End of the Beginning (While mime walking)
$2500Mimes get silly stringed and pied! 
$3000Samuel and Charleton will shave their heads on camera!

We hope you can join us!