Mime Walkathon

Our annual Mime Walkathon is back! And with a new year come new ideas – we have lots of fun, new incentives and milestone celebrations for your entertainment. If you haven’t participated in this event before, Aim San Diego’s fall fundraiser is a walkathon – but with a twist, because we’re mimes. 😉 The entire walk will be stationary and the mimes will be doing activities while they walk. Our team will mime-walk in place for 1 hour to help raise the funds we need for our annual operations. If that sounds boring to watch – just wait, there’s more! During the walkathon, you can donate to make the mimes do silly things while they walk or have different things happen to them! See the full list of donation incentives below.

What kind of things do the funds raised go towards?

The money raised from this event goes to 2 categories of expense:

  • Our ongoing admin/operational costs: insurance, IRS filing fees, website hosting, prop replacements, face-paint refills, updating sound equipment, promotional supplies (flyers, postcards, etc.) and event supplies (paper, folders, plates, cups, snacks, etc.)
  • Our special event costs:
    • Traveling to our annual, national Matthew Discipleship Conference in cooperation with other discipleship-minded ministries around the country.
    • Traveling to Kansas for Mime Camp for mime technique training and the encouragement of making friends with teens from around the country who are also weird mimes just like us 🙂
    • Traveling for our expanding summer ministry that includes helping with VBS in places like the Eastern Sierras!
    • Hopefully taking a foreign mission trip in the not-so-distant future
What many of our funds from last years walkathon went towards!

How are we collecting donations?

During the event, you can donate through Facebook in the live chat.
Or anytime on our website through Paypal or make a check out to Aim San Diego.

Here are the fine details:

This event is online only available via Facebook Live Stream from 6-7pm on November 19th.

Our goal is to raise $2,000 in 1hr!

Throughout the event, you donate to have the mimes do the following:

$5Ask the mimes a question
Change the formation
Change up the props (accessible after we reach $500)
$10Change the walk for 1 min
Challenge the mimes to an activity (like limbo, jump rope, tug of war, etc.)
$20Select a mime to come to the front
Have the mimes portray a scene or story
$30Pick a mime to pie in the face

As we reach donation milestones, we will celebrate!

$500Mimes get a prop to walk with for the rest of the walk
$750Mime “I Surrender All” while walking
$1,000Mimes get sprayed with color
$1,250Mime “Healing Begins” while walking
$1,500Mimes play chubby bunny trivia
$1,750Mime “There is a God” while walking
$2,000Mimes throw a mime party

We hope you can join us!