Aim San Diego is excited to announce that this fall we plan to launch a younger team for youth ages 7-12! We are calling it Aim Mimelings.

The Mimelings will meet on Mondays from 4:30-7pm at Grace Brethren Church. We will not have a training camp and we are still working on booking outreaches, but overall the goal is to only have maybe 1 outreach per month. For our first session, the youth will not lead Bible studies like they do on the older team, instead the leaders will lead the studies, followed by a group prayer time and then miming!

The first week of practice will be considered a trial week, and then by the second week we would like a formal commitment to join the team for the fall session. The session starts Monday, September 11th, and ends on December 18th.

We also have our “Mime for a Day Workshop” coming up on Sunday August 13th (3-6pm) at Grace Brethren Church, which is a great opportunity to have your child try out the ministry and see if it is something they’d like to join in the fall.