Mission Beach

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Mission Beach
Date: June 6th, Tuesday, 2023
Address: 3030 Ocean Front Walk, San Diego, CA 92109
Call Time: Noon
Presentation Time: 1pm
Pick-up Time: 2:30pm
Outreach Leader: Howard
Outreach Director: Emily
Shirt Color: Turquoise
Lineup: That’s What I Believe, In the Light, Not Alone, Virtuoso, End, This Man, He Reigns
Notes: Not a lot of people out due to couldy weather and no venders to attract people. Need a mic for speaker giving the gospel

Event: Mission Beach
Date: June 8th, Wednesday, 2022
Address: 3030 Ocean Front Walk, San Diego, CA 92109
Call Time: 4pm
Presentation Time: 5pm
Pick-up Time: 7pm
Outreach Leader: TBD
Outreach Director: Samuel
Shirt Color: Red
Lineup: Larger Than Life, Freedom Battle, All Things New,

People stopped and watched. Need more gospel in verbal form and people to catch audience individually. Could us updated music, as people stoped to watch for songs with lyrics and mordern sounding.

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