Mission Trip Prep


Hello all! The Aim San Diego team will be going on a missions trip from January 21st-Feb 3rd. Expect updates on the blog on the website, AimSanDiego.org

Here are some prayer requests for the trip.

-Team unity. Since we’ll have a mixed team (Southern Californians and Lancaster Countians), there will definitely be a mix of culture on the trip. As for prayer on this front, you can pray for us to stay focused on our common goal of bringing glory to our Heavenly Father and to build up our brothers and sisters in Christ. Also, missions trips tend to wear people out. A lot. And make us less than patient and gracious and loving with one another. Please pray that, again, we’ll stay focused and fight these urges!

-Health and safety. If one person gets sick, odds are at least half of the rest of us will, too. Also, we’ll be doing a fair bit of driving, so for alertness for those driving and safety in general.

-Outreaches. Whether it be service projects, presentations, workshops, etc. pray that the Gospel would be communicated clearly through our actions, speech, and attitudes!!

God has pulled this all together and we are so excited to see what He does.#AimSDMT15

Phi 3:8
Cell – (858) 382-1454
Email – Samuel@AimSanDiego.org

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