Missions Trip Wrap Up

Well, it’s finished. After all the work, prayer and driving, the 2015 CA missions trip is finished. Here’s how it wrapped up.

Monday, February 2nd, we worked with the team in Bakersfield,  Faith In Action. It was great renewing relationships and running a workshop where we taught such things as;

Angel Technique


Demon Technique

IMG_0072  IMG_0075

And new songs to share the gospel

IMG_0096  IMG_0112

After the workshop, we enjoyed dinner and some relaxing talk around the fire.

The next day, we gathered at Calvary Chapel Bakersfield for a service project helping the church;

Clean stains on the walk ways


Make more room for the play ground




And clearing weeds


After, due to the extra time we created working so fast, we had a bible study with both teams.


We finished with a bit of clean up, a car wash and were on the road again. Joseph may or may not have tried to thumb it back… but we convinced him to get back inn the car.


We all made it back to San Diego, having had no car problems, some minor injuries and mostly all of us healthy. Crazy enough, the day after we got back, the van we had been using got a flat tire. Praise God that didn’t happen on the road!

This trip may be over, but we have already had requests for return trips, with even more stops and opportunities that God has already prepared for us. Here is just a small thank you to those who made this trip possible.

To all the members on the trip from the San Diego team. Thank you for working hard on school and doing what they needed to in order to go on the trip.

To the PA members from DRAMA Ministries. Tim, for putting his time and effort into our little San Diego team and believing in the fruit that discipleship brings. Joseph, for putting off work and putting his body and mind fully into this trip. And Brooke, for being crazy enough to take an invite a week before she would be on a flight to San Diego and making an impact on the girls on the team.


To all of you who stayed updated and prayed! From the hearts we touched to the changed hearts in us, God did great things.

Last and to whom all the glory goes is our Father God, to whom all the glory is due, forever and always. Soli Deo Gloria


This blog will now shift to our team blog for the 2015 Spring Session.

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