Redlands/Apple Valley (Hesperia)

Here is a fast update of what we did yesterday.

We left San Jose. 🙁 After a morning presentation for the school at Calvary San Jose, we hit the road.



We finally made it to Redlands and presented 3 sets of songs at “Redlands Market Night”.

After that, we headed to Apple Valley/Hesperia.



Today, we will be doing a workshop for CIA ( We will be teaching them songs that our team knows. It should be fun!


Thank you for your continued prayers!

Joseph (who was feeling pretty sick a couple days ago) is feeling a lot better.

Everyone seems to be staying healthy.


Things to pray for:

The team’s relationships with the Lord and each other

Team’s health and safety

Kids that attended/attend our workshops

Things to be thankful for:

Our amazing Lord who has given and blessed us with so much

The team’s director and leaders

The opportunity to serve others

Our amazing, generous host families

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