Rhema’s Cafe


I know it has been a while since we have updated this blog. But just because you haven’t heard from us doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy. šŸ™‚

Friday night, we had a presentation down in National City. We met at a church to present at an event called Rhema’s Cafe. This is pretty much an event that allows people to present their talents and gifts to others. Other people who performed or presented included a contemporary ballerina, dance group, and a children’s clothing designer. These were just some. They also had an open mic time where people came up and shared what was on their hearts while using their gifts and talents.

For more information on Rhema’s Cafe, visit their Facebook page:Ā https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rhema-Cafe/727518910649386?fref=ts

It was great to be able to see what the Lord is doing in the lives of others as well.

Our presentation went well. I believe people were touched, and God was glorified. This presentation started the busy weekend off. We will be posting about the other presentations we just had shortly.


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