Service Project and Workshop 2

Today was a busy, tiring day full of fun and ministry.

We started the day off with quiet time to do homework. Some of us wrote encouraging notes for other team members. Those are always fun. 🙂

After doing that for a while, we helped the church ( with a service project. We cleaned a lot of things out of three rooms and dragged/pulled/carried them to the parking lot. The goal is to organize the things the church wants to keep. It was fun and a good workout. 🙂 We will also be helping them with this tomorrow some.


We then prepared for and began workshop 2. We had a few of the same kids from yesterday and one new girl. We had a wonderful time talking with and teaching these kids. At the end of the night, we had a showcase to show their parents what they had learned. I think they all had a great time, and I hope they learned more about the Lord and were encouraged through the workshops.


Tomorrow, we will be working on same service project as yesterday and presenting for the church’s youth group.

Your continued prayers are appreciated.

Things to pray for:

The team’s relationships with the Lord and each other

Team’s health and safety

Kids that attended our workshops

Things to be thankful for:

Our amazing Lord who has given and blessed us with so much

The team’s director and leaders

The opportunity to serve the church

Our amazing, generous host families


Thank you all for reading this post and for the continued support of your prayers!

God bless!!

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