The Training Has Begun

After much time spent in praying, planning, and organizing, Aim San Diego has jumped into their second missions trip. Today was our first day. We spent the day learning songs to present and teach at workshops, working to choreograph a song, and digging into the first few verses of Ephesians.

We are very excited to have three people from Pennsylvania join us on this adventure. Tim is helping give Samuel feedback, teaching some new songs, and other things. He brought with him two of his amazing leaders: Brooke and Joseph. I am really looking forward to getting to know these three people. 🙂

We will be spending the next day and a half training and will then head to San Francisco on Sunday.


Ways you could pray for us:

Unity among the team. We will be getting to know each other better. And we will have to deal with different personalities, attitudes, being squished next to people in long car rides, etc. etc.

Energy and health for the team members. We will be staying very busy and will need lots of energy to keep us going. And if one of us gets sick, chances are we will all end up sick.

Growth in each member of the team. Pray that our relationships with each other and the people we meet will grow and be used to glorify our Lord. Please pray especially that we would all grow closer to the Lord.

Safety in our travels. We will be on the road a lot.

We really appreciate your prayers!!!

Things we are thankful for:

Our amazing Lord and Savior. He has done so very much for us. He is the reason we are even going on this trip. 🙂

Each other. God has given us a great team.

Already getting much accomplished. We just finished our first day, and it was a successful day.


We will try to be posting about our trip daily- so stayed tuned for more!! And thanks for reading!!!

God bless!!

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