It takes a lot of people to make a ministry run. Sure, God could run the whole thing Himself or through anyone or anything He so chooses – but that’s not how He has ordained to accomplish His plans here on earth. God works through communities of people who intentionally submit themselves to the Lordship of His Son.  These are the folks God is using to make this ministry possible:


Samuel and Jessica Hughes– Director of Ministries

Samuel and Jessica have been involved in Mime ministry for a combined 40 years. In 2014, Samuel became the Director of Aim San Diego. Samuel has a Bachelors of Arts degree in pastoral ministries with an emphasis in Bible. Samuel and Jessica are both passionate about Discipleship and serving the community.


Phone Number: (858) 382-1454

Team Leadership

Emily Perry – Assistant Director

Erika Frymire – Leader

Lauren Amos – Leader


Enrique Sanchez – Member

David Gamble – Member

Steve Whitten – Member

Jessica Hughes – Secretary

Frank Perry – Treasurer