Aim Fundraiser!

Aim will be live-streaming a fundraiser event on November 27th, 7PM-8PM (PST)!  Please consider joining to watch our Mime Walkathon!

Like many of you, 2020 has been a challenging year for us as a ministry. We have not been able to do most of our regular events, and therefore most of our usual avenues for receiving donations have not happened. This season has made all the more thankful for the many people who regularly support Aim to keep this ministry going. It has also pushed us to get more creative with how we use our time and resources. Therefore, we are excited to announce our upcoming fundraiser – the Mime Walkathon!

Being a bunch of mimes, we couldn’t just do a regular Walkathon. So, instead we will be doing a variety of types of mime walk techniques for one hour. The idea is for you to consider supporting our mimes in this walk, so that Aim San Diego can continue supporting local youth in their walk with the Lord.

The first way you can support us with this event is by sponsoring an Aim team member for $25. You can sponsor them by going to the following link, clicking the “donate” button, and writing in who you’re sponsoring in the memo box:

The other way you can support us is by participating online with some fun and creative donation incentives during the event! While you are watching the Walkathon via Facebook live-stream, you can comment an amount you would like to commit to donate to see the mimes do certain things. At the end of the event, you can tally up all of your donation commitments and submit your final donation online at the same aforementioned link:

We will have an online moderator helping keep track of your donation commitments on the day of the event. Their contact info will be posted on the event page on the day of the event.

Here are the incentives you can donate toward during the event to make them happen:

  • $5 to pick the next song from the playlist (list will be posted to the event page on the day of the event)
  • $5 for the mimes to wave at the camera or give a shout out
  • $10 for the mimes to change their formation
  • $10 for the mimes to do a special walk for 1
    minute (the default walk is called the pressure walk)
    – Options: Inverted pressure walk, profile walk, inverted profile walk, character walk
  • $15 to ask the mimes a question
  • $20 for the mimes to do sign language to a mime song chorus while walking

But wait! There’s more! 

On the day of the event, we will do something special every time we reach a goal. (the following goals do not include funds raised through sponsorships)

·        When we reach $25 raised, we will add fun props for each team member to walk with

·        @$50 raised, we will have the team members run for 1 minute to the song “Go” while holding Bibles (as they would when we perform the song)

·        @$100 raised, we will have the whole team simultaneously perform a solo mime song, and different songs @$200 and @$400 raised

·        @800 raised, the silly string comes out and each team member will get pied in the face with a pie of whip cream!

·        And if you blow us away with $1600 raised, Samuel (director) and Charleton (intern) will shaved their heads, including ALL facial hair (eyebrows negotiable), live on camera!

We hope you can join us! And feel free to ask questions on the Facebook event page or via email. We are looking forward to a super fun evening!

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