August Newsletter

Hello to all our Aim family. We are thankful for your support in prayer over the years. Here are some of the things for which we are thankful. Would you thank the Lord with us?

Our Mime for a Day Workshop was a fun time with the kids. We taught some basic techniques of mime and two of our songs. You could see all the excitement on their faces when they got to present the songs for their families at the end.

Learning the song “Awesome God” at the Mime for a Day Workshop

Our session is starting back up soon! We are gearing up to have both an older team and our new Mimelings, allowing kids from ages 7-17 to join our team. We have lots of new and creative ideas for the session, including work on what some have called the “mime opera.” If you have not heard, mime teams across the nation have been working on “Project Undertale” which is going to be a 20+ part masterpiece of the Bible in mime. If you want to see the 14 songs that are already done, click HERE!

Finally, would you join us in prayer for these requests?
-That we would honor and glorify God in the resources that He has given us.
-That we would be able to connect with more churches to partner wit them in sharing the gospel
-For more families to join the team.

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