Chula Vista Elks Lodge

Last weekend, our team had the pleasure of presenting at the Chula Vista Elks Lodge for their annual Victorian Christmas event.  We are always blessed by their generosity as well as how welcoming they are to us and the ministry.  This has been an ongoing tradition for us to attend over the years, and it was exciting to share this fun spot with our newest team members!  It was also our first set of presentations where we performed Christmas songs (always exciting!) along with our evangelical songs.  Please pray that those watching clearly saw God in us and that they would be open to His love for them.

AIM Presentation -00072015-11-14T11_48_23

AIM Presentation -00042015-11-14T11_25_13

AIM Presentation -00062015-11-14T11_39_49AIM Presentation -00052015-11-14T11_28_26AIM Presentation -00032015-11-14T11_19_17AIM Presentation -00012015-11-14T11_08_57

Thank you all for your support and prayers!

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