Crossing the Boarder

We made it!


We safely crossed the boarder into Tecate Mexico today just in time for church. Today was simply a travel day, but it was packed.


We got to meet with the church and started to see how we can best serve the people of Tecate. My conversation with the pastor really opened my eyes to the struggles the congregation goea through. I’ll keep it short (as my phone is at 10% battery) but it seems like we will be able to help breathe some life into the church here.


Another exciting part is that we are not the only American group here serving this week. A group from Castle Rock Christian Church (as well as a few other churches in Longview WA) will be working along side us for the VBS running games and songs. We will be in charge of the drama and bible stories. We have already been blessed by this group greatly and I look forward to building God’s kingdom with them.


A member from Washington will ve celebrating her quinceanera, 15th birthday, this week and we had a big party for her tonight. This was a great look into the culture on Mexico. There was dancing, eatting and a mariachi band to top it all off. This was a great bounding time to get to know all these people.


Pray for us as we start our work today teaching and presenting the gospel. God Bless!


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