Fall Session 2020

With all the uncertainty of recent times, I bet some of you wondered whether Aim San Diego was going to attempt another session this fall. Well, I’m here to tell you we are! Now, before you start assuming what that’s going to look like, let me tell you upfront – we won’t be entirely online, but we will also do our best to respect the governing authorities that God has allowed to rule over us.

So, how are we going to do this? Glad you asked 😊

Fall 2020

We are excited to make this fall session be a “Session of Service”. Since doing mimes as a large group and performing in front of a crowd has several factors that are frowned upon during the ongoing coronavirus crisis, we will be shifting our focus to another way we can show people what Jesus is like – by serving them.

Service Projects

We would love for you to contact us with ways we can serve you, your family, your church, or your community! Whether weeding your garden, removing that wallpaper and painting a room, buying groceries, or serving a meal – there is no task too small. There may be some tasks too big 😉 but reach out and ask anyways just in case! We might surprise you with what we’re capable of.

Now, if instead of mime performances we’re doing service projects, what will we be doing at our weekly practices? It just keeps getting more exciting.


Aim’s mission is to teach youth how to understand, be transformed by, and communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ through verbal communication and the arts of mime and acting. When it comes to communicating the Gospel, for the most part we’ve previously just accomplished that through mime and acting. However, this unique season is giving us the opportunity to focus more on verbal communication. Don’t worry, we’re not making anybody get up and speak in front of a big crowd (yet).

This session we will focus on learning the elements of good public speaking, studying the core elements of the Gospel, and practice these skills in a peer environment. We hope the skills gained here will equip our students to confidently share their faith with their peers. By the end of the session, we also hope to produce a few audio and video clips that we can incorporate into our future mime presentations so students can share the Gospel through their recordings even when they can’t speak because they’re in mime paint.


We won’t be letting our mime skills get rusty all this time. This session we will still be learning mime by focusing on technique, solo mimes, and how to write or choreograph new mime routines. By slowing down and focusing on quality over quantity, we anticipate this session will refine the art side of what we do.


In order to make sure we keep everybody safe, we will hold all of our weekly practices outdoors so long as the weather permits. And if the weather does not permit, we proved to ourselves last session that we know how to move online at the drop of a hat. So, if the forecast calls for rain or excessive heat one week, we’ll cancel live practice and just do the bible study online from home. And then the following week we will resume live practices.

We are very fortunate to live in San Diego where the weather is usually mild and warm, and it doesn’t rain too often. As the session progresses toward winter, if it gets chilly, we will see if sweatshirts are sufficient. We have some plan B’s, C’s, and D’s should it be too cold or too dark etc. We also hope the situation with Coronavirus will be improving by then and will open up opportunities for more normal meetings, Lord willing.

So, there you have it. We couldn’t be more excited for Aim’s Session of Service this fall, and we hope you can join us.

For information about how to join Aim for the first time, click the “joining” tab here on our website, or click here.

For returning members, please check your email for the latest forms and session details.

Thank you!

His humble servants,

Samuel & Jessica Hughes

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