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Well, update for the week! Got home from Arrowhead Bible camp Friday with a bit of excitement. One of our 2 cars coming back hit a dear and caused some minor damage. It hit the radiator and did some damage to the bumper. Please pray it gets fixed quickly as we are using it Saturday.

Never the less, we made it to Camp Eder today and hit the ground running! We got dinner, had chapel and then had an hour to put together Our 1st mime. This week should be busy and in need of flexibility from the teams part, so yes, prayer request 2. 3 would be for health as 6 of the 12 of us have a cold. 4th, for me as I try to work on my internship material in a short amount of time during a busy camp.

Lastly, prayer for the campers here. This was one of the camps I got to go to last year where a large group of the campers came to know Christ as Lord and Savior for the 1st time. I know and have built a relationship with about half the campers already due o last years adventure. Please pray for more to come to know the Lord, as well as a deepening faith for the others that know Him.

Thank you all for your continued support and prayer!
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