Leadership Conference 2015 Testimonies


There are few events that get me as excited as leadership Conference does. Every year is as new and emerging as the first one I went to back 8 some years ago. But don’t just take my word for it, hear from the 4 others who went this year.

-Dennis/Mr. Amos-

I must say I didn’t know what to expect from the Leadership Conference. Many thoughts went thru my mind in the weeks prior to departure. What is there to do in Cheyenne, WY? As the adult chaperon/parent would I be bored with very little to do? The truth was far from what was imagined. I enjoyed every minute and was blessed with fellowship with the San Diego Team; From the Starbucks coffee run at Lindbergh, to the extended “layover” in Denver, at meals during the conference, and thru the final flight back to San Diego via LAX. At the Leadership Conference the Lord impressed upon me what great leaders we have in Tim, Jared, and Samuel. The topics of the conference were for mature Christians, not for those needing milk.

Leadership Con 2015


This is my second time going on a country wide Aim leadership conference. I have to say that this was my favorite so far because of the theme of the conference and the people attending the conference. The theme was Times, Seasons, and Transitions. The talks about these things were helpful and applicable to our team here in San Diego. I especially like the talk about conflict. Knowing how to deal with it can help our team with relationships, planning, and overall unity. The second thing I enjoyed about the conference was the people. It was great to socialize and learn with our fellow Aimers from Wyoming, Pennsylvania, and Missouri. Sharing challenges and troubles, advice and suggestions, encouragement and prayer reminded me that all of us were striving for the same thing—Discipleship. I will definitely look forward to meeting with the leaders again at the next leadership conference.


When I first found out about the Aim leadership conference, I assumed it would be beneficial, but I wasn’t totally convinced. After all, I’m currently not a leader on my team, and it would mean spending almost four days with other leaders. Upon encouragement, I decided to go, not knowing what to expect. I am very happy with the decision made! The learning sessions were applicable, some useful now, and others stored up for later. It was also good to see and make friends from around the country who are involved in the same ministry as I am. The time was refreshing, teaching me to once again step out of my comfort zone in order to learn what God wanted to teach.


God used this leadership conference to work in me in a totally different way then I had expected. Actually, I did not really come to the conference with any expectations. But while I was there, God softened my heart and drew me closer to Him.  He helped to take my rebellious, stubborn heart and to start forming it into something that yearns for Him and only Him.​ Also, the people there were amazing. Being with young people who shared some of the same passions as me was really cool. I am super happy I decided to go and that God was able to work in me to change me and draw me closer to Him.

As our 3 teams in San Diego, WY and PA look to the future, we will be continuing this event in 2016 with more teams, Lord willing. Thank you for your prays and support. This conference is not cheap due to travel costs, but the impact it makes and the relationships built and priceless.


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