Mime Camp (Kansas)

Dates: July 6th-9th, 2021. It is much cheaper to drive with the size of a group that I am anticipating, so the plan is to leave July 3rd, drive through the night, and arrive on the 4th to celebrate Independence Day in Rose Hill Kansas. We will leave Friday July 9th and arrive back in San Diego July 10th in the afternoon.

Details: Mime camp happens in Rose Hill Kansas each year at Rose Hill Christian Church (rosehillcc.org). The Mime camp connects different mime teams to learn songs from each other and encourage each other in the art of sharing the gospel through mime. Mime camp starts on Monday and ends with a big group presentation on Thursday Night. Our intern last session, Charleton Mills, just bought a house near Rose Hill and will be hosting us for the week. 

Cost: About $100-200, depending on if we need to rent a vehicle. If we rent a 15 passenger van, it will add a lot to the cost. The price should pay for gas, food, and camp shirts. Members should bring some side cash if they would like souvenirs or snacks on the road. 

Notes: Cost was much higher than antisapated. Probobly need to charge sepratly for camp costs and rental car costs. If special needs students are there, they need better one-on-one instructions and supervision.

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