Mime Club – Partnering with Heritage Christian Schools

Aim San Diego is now partnering with Heritage Christian Schools (HCS) to provide an official HCS Club! To join the HCS Mime Club, you must be a member of HCS. Members of this club will not be considered part of Aim San Diego, rather Aim will provide the leadership to run the club. All fees and paperwork will be turned into HCS.

We are excited about this opportunity to offer you an official club experience! Some of the perks of being part of Mime Club, aside from just getting to enjoy some crazy fun and creative drama activities, include being able to earn a pin and a cord for graduation for the time you invest in the club, and having the assurance that the same standards HCS holds for their coaches and teachers will apply to our leadership team.

About Mime Club

When you envision mime, you probably think about the guy with the face paint that follows an invisible wall on the boardwalk. While we will teach you how to do the wall and other mime techniques, we use the art of mime for more than mere entertainment. Our heart is to disciple our members in the Christian faith and use mime in creative evangelism. We value sharing the gospel in a unique, engaging, and audience-focused way without compromising the true gospel.

This mime club has a lot of opportunities for everyone, even if you do not like mime. Although we teach mime and use it as an evangelism tool, we also want to teach Heritage students to understand, be transformed by, and communicate (verbally) the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have Bible studies at practice and give all members opportunities to lead Bible studies. Allowing members to lead Bible studies helps them learn to study and explain the Bible. We also value the application of what we study in God’s Word. We do this through mime outreaches and prayer groups where we can discuss goals, application questions, and prayer requests.

Season Dates

February 17th & 19th (Boot Camp)
February 26th – June 10th (No practice on May 6th & 27th)


San Diego Grace Brethren Church (3455 Atlas St, San Diego 92111)


$40 per student; for families with multiple students, their 3rd student and beyond will be only $25 each


13-18 years old


To join our HCS Mime Club, please reach out to Samuel Hughes, Aim SD Director, via email (samuel@aimsandiego.org) or phone (858-382-1454)

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