Pieces Lyrics

[0:00] Intro

[0:25] Piano

[1:17] Guitar

[1:28] Verse 1

I’m here again, A thousand miles away from you A broken mess, Just scattered pieces of who I am

[1:50]-Verse 2

I tried so hard, Thought I could do on my own I’ve lost so much along the way

[2:10] Chorus

Then I see your face, I know I’m finally yours I find everything, I thought I lost before You call my name, I come to you in pieces So you can make, Me whole

[2:47] Interlude

[2:58] Verse 3

I’ve come undone, But you make sense of who I am Like puzzle pieces in your hand

[3:17] Chorus

[3:55] Interlude

[4:12] (Fall)

[4:35] Bridge

I tried so hard, So hard I tried so hard

[4:57] Chorus

[5:38] Outro

So you can make Me whole

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