Spring 2021 Session Newsletter

As Aim wraps up the Spring 2021 session, we thought we would give you all a summery of our session and all that God has allowed us to accomplish. Thank you all for your support this session! 

We started off strong with a two day training camp where we learned all twenty one songs for the session, worked on our mime technique, and had two devotional discussions (one on discipleship and one on unity/accountability).

We had our first outreach of the session with the Pregnancy Care Clinic in mid-March where we were able to perform during their annual Walk for Life. Our second at Community Bible Church in Mira Mesa. At this outreach Emily, our assistant director, was able to do some public speaking for the first time – and she did a great job! In May we were able to perform at the La Mesa Heritage Christian Schools Class Day. We were well received and may even have gained some new members in the fall as a result.

We’ve also had some extra fun this session! One of our leaders, Erika, planned a support partner game day for each set of partners to get to know each other which started the session with lots of memories. In April, Mrs. Amos hosted a game day where we played capture the flag and some mime games. The girls also had a tea party at which they made aprons for the guys to have a bake-off in. The guys had a blast cooking in them!

It has been really exciting to see the growth in so many of our members this session. God has blessed us so much and we are truly thankful for all your support and prayers.

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