Spring 2022 – Ministry Update

Greetings friends of Aim San Diego!

Once again another session is soon upon us! We are so thankful for the ways the Lord glorifies Himself through this ministry. It is a joy to get to invest in the lives of the youth He has brought to us. In this letter I will share what we did this last session, what’s coming up for the session ahead, and how you can pray for and support us.

What We Did This Past Fall

In September we started back up with 19 members! The most we’ve had in a few years. Due to the size of the team, we officially multiplied into 2 teams, although we continued to meet at the same time and place. The only major difference was that we were able to assign outreaches to the separate teams so that not any one team was overbooked. This division, along with welcoming a few new people to our leadership team, allowed us to invest more deeply in each individual team member. As a result we got to see a lot of growth, and we enjoyed seeing members try out new roles as they had the space to step up more. In October we had to say goodbye to one of our families as they got the opportunity to move to a new state. We are thrilled for them, but we were sad to say goodbye. Really though, it’s not ‘goodbye’, just ‘see you later’.

As for events, we were pleased to bring back our Mime For a Day Workshop and our Walkathon Fundraiser this fall. Both were a success – the fundraiser bringing in $2000! We are so grateful for this support as it covers about 2/3 of our annual operating costs. It was also just a ton of fun. The team was phenomenal.

We also enjoyed presenting for the La Mesa Class Day twice! Each team presented there once. It’s a fun time to encourage our friends as there are always many familiar faces at Class Day. Similarly, we had the joy of presenting for the CFSMM Christmas Party where we have many friends and family as well.

In the community we had two opportunities to share the gospel more publicly. One was at a Worship Rally partnering with Highpoint Church in Tierrasanta, and the other was a community Thanksgiving meal in Lakeside. We pray that God used our creative portrayal of His redemptive story to stir the hearts of those who watched.

Coming Up

This spring we are anticipating a slightly smaller team, all though we never fully know until closer to the start of the session. That said, you can apply to be part of the team this spring anytime! You can download our applications here, or fill out our online application here.

On our schedule we are looking forward to some socials we planned to help build relationships on our team, our Benefit Dinner slated for April, and we are hoping to return to the San Diego Fair at the end of the session. We are still looking for more opportunities to share the gospel and encourage believers, so if you would like to book us or have a contact to pass on, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! You can contact us by clicking here.

And coming up this summer, we plan to continue to partner with Larisa Craig doing VBS in the Eastern Sierras in June or July, return to Kansas for Mime Camp in July, and we will be hosting our annual leadership conference which has now been named the Matthew Discipleship Conference (MDC) the first week in August. Stay tuned for more details about MDC, but we’d love for you to consider attending!

Prayer and Support

Here are some ways you can be praying with us and supporting Aim San Diego:

  • Pray for more opportunities to proclaim the gospel through mime and public speaking.
  • Pray for us to be bold with the opportunities we do have. Public speaking can be intimidating, especially for our newer leaders, but the mimes don’t always speak for themselves. Pray that we would be able to share the gospel confidently and clearly.
  • Pray for our Benefit Dinner coming up in April, that we would be able to communicate our appreciation for our supporters as well as raise the funds necessary for our upcoming summer activities.
  • Praise the Lord for the safe arrival of Samuel & Jessica’s daughter, Unity Ember Hughes. She came right on her due date, November 30th, healthy and beautiful. Pray for us as we learn how to be Unity’s parents and continue to direct the ministry of Aim.

We’d love for you to consider supporting Aim with a donation. We are so grateful for the Lord’s provision through the fundraisers and a couple regular supporters. We couldn’t do this ministry without your generosity. Right now, every penny in goes right back out to support bringing our youth on missions trips, buying T-shirts and props, and hosting this year’s conference (MDC). I won’t lie, it’s tight and we believe we could do so much more with this ministry if there were more funds. We trust that the Lord will provide as the doors open before us. If you’d like to give online, click here.

Thank you for reading!


Samuel & Jessica Hughes, and Unity too πŸ™‚

samuel@aimsandiego.org – (858) 382-1454
jessica@aimsandiego.org – (717) 598-5950

The mission of Aim San Diego is to teach youth how to understand, be transformed by, and communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ through verbal communication and the arts of mime and acting.

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