Two-Sets-of-Jones Lyrics

[0:09] Verse 1

This here’s a song about two sets of Jones’, Rothchild, Evelyn, Rueben, and Sue And just for discussion through random selection, We’ve chosen two couples who haven’t a clue


Rothchild was lucky to marry so wealthy, Evelyn bought him a house on the beach.


Rueben and Sue, they had nothing but Jesus, And at night they would pray that he would care for them each

[0:53] Chorus

And the rain, came down, And it blew the forewalls down And the clouds they rolled away, And one set of Jones’, was standing that day

[1:13] Interlude

[1:21] Verse 2

Evelyn’s daddy was proud of young Rothchild, He worked the late hours to be number one Just newlyweds and their marriage got rocky, He’s flying to Dallas, she’s having a son.


Rueben was holding, a Giddeon’s Bible, And he screamed “it’s a boy!” so that everyone heard And the guys at the factory took a collection, And again God provided for bills he had incurred

[2:06] Chorus

[2.30] Bridge

So what is the point of this story, What am I trying to say? Well is your life built on the rock of Christ Jesus, Or a sandy foundation you’ve managed to lay?

[2:49] Verse 3

Well needless to say Evelyn left her husband, N’ sued him for every penny he had And I truly wish that those two would find Jesus, Before things get worse than they already have

[3:12] Chorus

[3:35] Chorus

[3:35] Tag

Theres’ two sets of Jones’ Which ones will you be?


Li de di, li de di, li de di, li de di Li de di, li de di, li de di, li de di Li de di. li de di, li de di, li de di di di di

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