What We’ve Been Up To

Greetings friends of Aim San Diego!

What a summer we have had! During the summer we typically say Aim is “not in session” because we take a break from our weekly practices, but it definitely isn’t because we are taking a break from activities.

We kicked off our summer with a week of VBS in Barstow, CA partnering with Larisa Craig who is a missionary to the Eastern Sierras. Samuel and 5 Aim team members spent the week creating skits, miming, and sharing testimonies to help teach the Bible times during VBS. It was an unforgettable experience.

Right after the team returned from Barstow we took to the highway and road tripped to Kansas for a week of Mime Camp. It was great getting to reconnect with our former intern Charleton Mills and meet his team while also learning more mime technique. Each attendee was also able to sign up for electives where they could focus on specifically learning either sign language, flags, or more mime. 

After a few weeks of rest, we took a select group of our team out to Virginia to attend the national Discipleship Retreat (formerly known as Leadership Conference). During our time there we were able to hear speakers talk about what discipleship looks like in the Gospel of Matthew and how to apply those principles to various contexts including in our homes, in sports, and in a post-modern culture. We were so refreshed in our passion to reach the lost and invest in the maturity of the believers in our sphere of influence. We are so grateful to have been able to sit under such solid teaching and connect with likeminded believers representing mime teams from 5 other states!

What’s Coming Up

Now we are preparing for our fall session! We are excited for all that the Lord has in store. He has been so faithful, as He always is. It is our privilege to seek to do the same. If you know anyone who may be interested in joining Aim San Diego, please encourage them to get in touch with us or check us out online at www.aimsandiego.org. You can find details about joining here or download and fill out an application here.

We will be having our pre-session parent meeting on Sunday August 29th at 1pm at Grace Brethren Church (3455 Atlas St, San Diego). This meeting is required for parents of returning members (at least one parent must attend), and open to parents who are interested in having their youth join for the first time. Contact Samuel if you need to attend via Zoom.

We have several tentative outreaches booked for this fall, but as always let us know if you are interested in having the Aim team come present at an event. As soon as we confirm our bookings we will update our online calendar which you can view anytime by going to our website or by clicking here.

Things you can be praying for:

  • We will likely be multiplying into 2 teams this fall. Please pray for a smooth transition and for our young leaders spearheading this initiative.
  • We are promoting several new leaders and have also promoted Erika Frymire to join Emily Perry as our Assistant Directors. Pray for their growth as they step into these new roles
  • We, Samuel and Jessica, are expecting our first baby this fall near the end of the session, a girl due 11/30/21. Pray for the health and safety of our family and for a smooth delivery.
  • Pray for the Lord to provide the finances necessary to continue to cover the operating costs of this ministry. Due to higher costs of flights this year, our funds are lower than they’ve been in a while, and we are not currently on track to afford our insurance premium this fall. We trust that the Lord will provide, in part through making our needs known to those of you who have faithfully supported us with prayer and donations over the years.

If the Lord has put it on your heart to support us financially, you can mail checks to 2345 Finch Lane, San Diego, CA 92123, or you can give online on our website by clicking here.

Thank you for partnering with us and supporting the ministry that the Lord is doing through Aim San Diego! All praise and glory belongs to Him!

Samuel & Jessica Hughes

samuel@aimsandiego.org – (858) 382-1454
jessica@aimsandiego.org – (717) 598-5950

The mission of Aim San Diego is to teach youth how to understand, be transformed by, and communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ through verbal communication and the arts of mime and acting.

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