Will You Ever Know

Will You Ever Know? Lyrics – By KJ-52

[0:00] Intro


{Background repeating} (Crucify Him! X15)

No, no, no, no! Please say no!

Hold up He’s innocent, what are you doing?!

Can’t you see that He’s innocent? He’s, He’s innocent

[0:44] Interlude

What if? What if? What if? What if? What if? Ay yo

[0:56] Verse 1a

What if you was transported in time, To the place and the spot where Christ had to die?

What if you beheld with your own two eyes, Where his blood was spilled where he gave his life

When he came up the hill and he was barely alive, Could you tell who he was if he walked on by

Could you see what they had done to his back and his sides, Would you see all his love would you recognize

[1:16] Verse 1b

When they pierced his skull with the thorns and they tried to, Pull out his hair out his beard and then decide to

Pierce his bareback 39 times you, Get the real facts they’re there besides you

What if you saw him die and got a real view, Would you keep living the life the way that you do

Or would you run and hide and just continue to, Live your life blind its up to you dude!

[1:37] Chorus

Will you ever know will you ever see, What’s he’s done for you what he’s done for me?

Can you ever know can you ever see? What will it take for you to believe? (Repeat)

[1:59] Verse 2a

What if today was the very day he died, What if you was standing right there by his side?

As the people cheered and they screamed and they cried, But this time around see he wasn’t crucified

What if he was lead from a jail cell this time, To be executed in the middle of the night

But you could view it and tune it in worldwide, On the internet and on the TV it was televised

[2:20] Verse 2b

What if you was standing right there, And you brought him down to the electric chair

You had to flip the switch now would you be aware, Would you understand his death would you even care

Would you change how you live would you shed a tear, Would you see what he did would you be prepared

To give your life to him right now and right there, Can u see what he did its quite clear?

[2:42] Chorus

[3:03] Verse 3a

What if you held the very nails used to, Hold him on the cross then what would you do

You saw him beat up beat down then abused, Would you see how much it cost him now for you but

What would it take for him to prove, That he took the blame for everything that we do

It’s still just the same man there aint nothing new, They still hate to change and come down to you but

[3:25] Verse 3b

What if you could gaze and just see, The last 5 minutes before he would leave

This earth and worse what if you saw him breathe, His last breath when death took his life you see

His head hang down he starts to heave, Cuz his death came slow its plain to see

That it’s more painful then we could imagine it to be, Now you seen in plain view. Will you believe?

[3:46] Chorus

[4:13] End

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